Thursday, October 18, 2012


While SAME HAT (the blog) has been on temporary hiatus, SAME HAT TUMBLR has continued going strong. I have some theories (capital-T "THEORIES") about TumblrGeneration and the Tumblrfication of how youth discoveries artifacts of cultural history -- theories that come out mostly once I've had a few glasses of whisky. All that considered, and aside, Tumblr is one of the most interesting and jarring places for discovering new artists (duh, right?).

Rather than attempt a list of ALL TUMBLRS SPANNING ALL ASSORTED INTERESTS INCLUDING-BUT-NOT-LIMITED-TO COMICS (exhausting and unfocused!), I thought It'd be more fun to toss up a quick post of our favorite "SAME HAT-esque" Tumblrs we are following and enjoying. I'll start with a few that feel like "siblings" to Same Hat... if you don't mind adding your faves to the comments, I'll go ahead and build out a community list!!

NOTE: Special points to Tumblrs that actually scan/post new, additive materials to the Tumblrverse. Tumblrs that ONLY EVER RT images are weak/lame.

(To note, I see posts from all of these fleetingly via Dashboard and haven't read all their posts, so apologies if I accidentally linked to gross/intense stuff here!)


2. Feh Yes Vintage Manga

3. Goth Summer

4. Vagabonded Life

5. Corporal Steiner

6. Acid Eater

7. Otomblr

8. Fuck Yeah, Hideshi Hino!

9. Conspirators of Pleasure


11. panzer

12. TigerRoll

13. Cave of the Troglodyte

14. chi-mi-do-ro

15. Tokyo Scum Brigade

16. Kurutta

17. Space Leech

18. Gurafiku

[PS: The other things about the SAME HAT TUMBLR is that you can ask any random question you might have and I'll probably answer it! Just click Ask me anything! and submit.]


  1. stuff I pull from a lot: and he's also

  2. This is great!! I also recommend

  3. phoku4:17 PM

    Hell yeah nothing like a tumblr filled with gifs of the most banal, pointless sequences of animation.

  4. @roarlivia @troubleeveryday: UPDATED!

    @phuku Would you care to try and be constructive for a minute?

  5. ps- I wish this person was still active

  6. oh well im going with

    and the obvious

    and this guy has been dead ever since i asked from where the hell is this pic

    and i still don't know... but guesses tell me it has something to do with dogs and there lays the problem so many dogs

  7. hay wait a minute no no no no, aaghhh i just get im contributing to your procrastination and this blog is gonna get neglected again dammit.

  8. @Doomroar: got 'em!

  9. Jaclyn6:04 AM

    Another reason I should get into Tumblr....

    Any good twitter accounts I should be following?

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  11. @Doomroar:

  12. another obvious one!

  13. @zytroop oh man thank you so fucking much i have been stuck with that image for who knows so long and finally, at this point i wont even read reviews! i have to watch that thing.

  14. Swarm4:24 PM !! By the way that hikkikomoriganglife picture is by

  15. @Swarm: Thanks! Updating now :)

  16. my blog was on here but then it was taken down. i am so sorry for failing you samehat community

  17. @Sebastien: Ah, sorry about that-- the person whose art I posted as representative of the sorta stuff I like about your Tumblr contacted me over Twitter complaining about lack of attribution in my post? So I took it down-- will add it back when I'm less busy tonight with a new image :)

  18. hahahaha, it's cool! no worries pal

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  20. lot of my favorites already sent,
    so :

    (most about japanese ero guro )
    and maybe mine