Thursday, February 14, 2013


Hey guys, so um... I have been waiting to post news about this until it was really real, because of the near-mythical status is has accumulated after many false starts and anticipation over the last few years. 

But listen up now finally:

THE STRANGE TALE OF PANORAMA ISLAND by Suehiro Maruo is coming soon from Last Gasp. I will have copies for sale at my booth at Toronto Comics Art (TCAF) in May! That's the cover above, except the actual book will have gold-foil printing for the text. And it's hardcover and 274 pages. Will be available online and through stores in the U.S. officially soon after, starting in late-June.

And in case you still don't believe me, here are some proofs from the overseas printer that we approved yesterday: 

Also: I just posted on the Same Hat Tumblr the logo designed by my extremely talented friend Jillian Tamaki for "Frontier" - a quarterly art and comics zine I'll be putting out as part of my new publishing house I'm starting this year.

Holy hell, YES -- I'm finally taking the plunge and becoming "a publisher"...!?
I'm currently busy working on all the mundane and exciting preparations to make everything happen; I have very limited and modest goals for release in the first year or so of doing this, and I still am keeping my full time day job and Same Hat going all the while. I am extremely excited to be able to share more details on the company and first issue of this new series in the coming months. The current plan is to debut Frontier #1 at TCAF alongside The Strange Tale of Panorama Island. You should come to the festival... It's gonna be a doozy!