Monday, November 28, 2005


Hey kids, Evan here. First off, thank you very much for all the kinds words on our Bible comic. I had lots of fun doing it, and am pestering Ryan to get another script ready for me to illustrate... We'll post more info when we're ready to sell paper copies.

Ryan was out of town for the holiday, and I was sick most of the weekend, so not much new content to post right now, however... I made a new photo-illustration on Saturday which I figured would appeal to you horror fans. Ball jointed dolls gone wrong...

Click one of the above teasers or here to see the full image.

Monday, November 14, 2005


Evan and I have collaborated on countless, weirdo pursuits but this post details our first ever ORIGINAL COMIC COLLABORATION!

Check it out -- 14 pages of full color scripture as (re)told by Evan!!

click above, or here to read it.

The idea for this comic was birthed while sitting over cheese fries and Dr. Peppers at the Lucky Penny diner in SF. Something Evan said-- Jesus descending from heaven on a flaming cloud to impart the 10 Commandments?! -- cracked me up. Myself, I was raised Irish-Catholic and got a weekly dose of catechism (fire, brimstone and transubstantiation) from age 10 to 14. Evan was lucky enough to miss all that fun stuff with a non-religious upbringing: no sermons, first eucharist or bedtime bible stories. It's all junk that I take for granted, but HE DOESN'T KNOW THIS STUFF.

So we decided to have Evan retell the Bible to me, as he thought it went. I quizzed him along the way, and he patched together pieces of stories he heard over the years, along with a crazy pop culture mish-mash of Dante, Sandman and Preacher comics, and even Roman mythology. As a rule, I never confirmed or denied any of his Bible tales-- I just put down his words as... well, GOSPEL TRUTH!

We'd really appreciate any comments/feedback! It will be online for at least a week, and will also be available in hard copy for anyone interested. Maybe 3 bucks an issue? If you'd want an actual copy, leave a note or send us a message directly at samehat @!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


We're not dead--- just taking a brief break from scanlations to finish up our original, full-color 16-page comic! Evan tells me we should have it completed later this week. radical.

We'll be putting it online in its entirety for a while, and them making copies available for sale (just charge enough $ to cover printing/postage) if anyone wants one!
(do you??)

After this comic, what would you Same Hat junkies want to see us put up next? We have a few things in mind, so please--- cast your vote by leaving a comment:
  • 1. A 20-page Junji Ito horror story about unexplainable suicides?
  • 2. More BODY HUMOUR Koji Aihara gag strips?
  • 3. A bunch of 16 panel comedy gold by Yoshida Sensha?
  • 4. A first installment of a Kazuo Umezu horror series?
  • 5. Another Suehiro Maruo short?
  • 6. Dig up something by Shintaro Kago?

Tell us what you want to see, and PLEASE KEEP CHECKING BACK!

Saturday, November 05, 2005