Friday, April 07, 2006

Phoenix, fly me to the future!

as usual, please read from right-to-left.


Hexxenn said...

Apparently the rules of Highlander don't apply to this guy.

ryan & evan said...


well, there IS 'only one' in this photo... but yeah. ALSO, how exactly did he lose his ENTIRE body? I can see maybe a limb or two over the course of 200 years, but JEEZ.

PS: this strip reminds me of the movie "Death Becomes Her"... crazy?

Ben Blaufarb said...

welll, as you can see in the second to last panel a piece of a building fell on his body so 100 years later his useless body has completely eroded away so all that's left is his head.

yea, wait, a second that doesn't make any sense. he's supposed to be immortal, so the building falling on him wouldn't do anything..... bah, nevermind.