Thursday, August 24, 2006

Blind Beast vs. Killer Dwarf

More friends doing awesome stuff

We wanted to let everyone know that the DVD for Teruo Ishii's final film [Blind Beast vs. Killer Dwarf] was recently released by Panik House. Ishii himself deserves an entire post himself, but the late director also did the infamous, Rampo-inspired "Horror of Malformed Men". The film features Shinya Tsukamoto as famous detective Kogoro Akechi and Shion Sono, director of Suicide Circle, and is loosely based on an Edogawa Rampo novel. Regulars to the site are already thinking-- 'Fuck! I have to get my hands on this'... BUT THERE'S MORE! The DVD also features a cover and tons of menu and packaging art by our good friend Gea!

Read a review and DVD details. The DVD includes (in addition to the film and other extras):

"Geaphiles" - A gallery of conceptual art illustrations by New York underground artist Gea!"

She says:
Even if you are not into boobs, gore and dwarfs (then I think you must be insane) you should still go out and buy this for the extras (there's mini gallery in the dvd with the artwork I did exclusively for this feature), a sticker (which also has my art on it), and the Special Numbered Insert Card featuring the personal stamp of Little Frankie aka The Killer Dwarf, now deceased (with my drawing of Lil' Frankie on it ).
You can also check out the trailer on their site.

Congratulations to Gea on this ridiculously cool project!!

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Anonymous said...

Sweet that is getting a US release!

And congrats to Gea, that's an awesome project!

Also, anybody who hasn't done so yet, MUST check out Ishii's two prior films. "Jigoku" ( which features Shoko Asahara, child-killer Miyazaki and the poison curry rice woman, among others, and Nejishiki, which is an adaptation of Yoshiharu Tsuge's manga.

The 60s-70s "Joy of Torture" (lol) series is also worth seeing (Tokugawa Onna keibatsu-shi, Yakuza keibatsu-shi, etc). Real crazy stuff with hilariously grotesque gore scenes!