Saturday, December 16, 2006


Our latest scanlation is something slightly different for us-- Honey #3: a 16-panel gag comic by Yoshida Sensha!

All the awesomeness of previous Sensha scanlations but this time with 4x the, panels! It is the third installment in a series of unrelated gag strips, taken from a book Nate brought us from Japan a while back. Hope you enjoy!

as usual, please read each panel from right-to-left.

Click here (or the image above) for the strip!


Anonymous said...


Sux2Bgranny :(

Ryan said...

thanks! good to flip from gags to the horror now and then!

Anonymous said...

nice! poor granny. i want to punch that kid in the face.

did you remove the last panel, where she gets impaled during fencing and there's blood everywhere and she's trying to have sex with her grandson and he's licking her eyeball and it was actually written by maruo? juuuuust kiiiiiiiiding.

Anonymous said...

Any plans for introducing #4? The story surely cant end this way.

Ryan S said...

solak: ZOMG, you just blew my mind! (great minds!)

anonymous: actually, it does! :) Each of the Honey strips is a standalone 16-panel strip. We might do one or two of the others, but this was our favorite of the bunch :)