Friday, January 26, 2007

We're knee deep in HP LOVECRAFT WEEK over at MONSTER BRAINS

An astounding wealth of fucking weird stuff is being accumulated by our friend (and spiritual cousin) at Monster Brains! This week, he's posting any and all things LOVECRAFTIAN, which (of course) warms my heart. The collection of images and links is growing each day, and my favorites so far have been the gnarly Michael Whelan covers that continue to gross me out, ready-to-screenprint size comparisons of the monsters in the mythos, and Michael Komarck's paintings for a Cthulhu CCG (Isn't Magic: The Gathering that already?)... DANG!

Go over to Monster Brains now and pay your respects!


Oh, one last thing-- for another example of why Monster Brains is one of our favorite blogs, check out this massive post on The Temptation of St. Anthony. He's collected dozens and dozens of representations of St. Anthony and the beasties he encountered / hallucinated, including an utterly terrifying tryptch by Hieronymus Bosch, along with many more paintings, etchings, and murals. All that, along with some commentary on the influence of this biblical freakfrest on contemporary horror. I love it.


Anonymous said...


Fantastic art, and I love the size comparisons chart! Very helpful in determining how very DOOMED you'd be if you ever met the ELDER ONES.

Out of all of them, Yog Sothoth looks the least scary - it kinda looks like a bunch of gross bath bubbles. But still awesome?

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say
how much I love this page/project.
I found this awesome spring of information just a few days ago and I'm almost through with the archive^^
I'm in a horror-comic fever because of you!
Don't stop posting!

Greetings from Germany

Ryan said...

solak: he is still awesome. I think the least scary award goes to Tsathogua:
Dude looks like he just ate TOO MUCH PIZZA!!

andre: wow, thanks so much for the comment :) I'm glad you're finding good stuff in the archives. We're working to update as much as we can, and it means a lot to hear that like-minded people enjoy the stuff we write about. THANKS!


Aeron said...

Glad you dig the Lovecraft stuff. I'm a huge fan of Thomas Ott as well, I've got all of his E.C comics looking books.