Sunday, August 26, 2007


Here is the third and final comic in series we're hosting by Shintaro Kago. Like Abstraction and Blow-Up before it, Multiplication dissects, digests and smears the constraints of sequential art across the walls.

Once again, this beast was translated and lettered by our new friend, Anonymous K. And like the others in this trilogy of comics theory meets DMT freakout, it's NSFW for sexual situations and some nudity.

You just gotta see it to believe it. This is the kind of experimental shit that keeps Scott McCloud up at night!
ENJOY! (and read pages from right-to-left, as usual)

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Page 3
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Anonymous said...

hey, ryan, I actually did another one that is just as crazy!
Check your email!

Anonymous said...

Man, back when "When All is Said and Done" was first going around the internet, I had no idea Kago also did so much of this really genre-fucking work. Thanks so much to you guys and anonymous k! Can't wait to see the other one.

Anonymous said...

Kago Kago Kago!
this guy is great!

thank you, Anonymous K!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the Scanlations of Kago, but man, someone needs to a) release these in America in a book, and b) make Kago-san a web site! Preferrably with some English text!


Ryan S said...

@anonymous k:
DUDE, the newest one is really really great. it's one of the most impressive scanlations (technically, etc) that i've ever seen.

you've outdone yourself!

Ryan S said...

I haven't seen "When All is Said and Done" , but I"m familiar with some of the gnarlier stuff he's done. Our friend Ben has been talking about how groundbreaking and experimental he gets, but it wasn't until anonymous k's scanlations that I really GOT IT.

Ryan S said...

seriously! and wait 'til you see this 4th scanlation. It rivals Abstraction :)

Ryan S said...

There's definitely a need for some more english-information on this guy. The only company that's publisher Kago in English so far is... Viz! You can thank Carl Horn, Alvin Lu and Jason Thompson (from the Pulp days) for including Punctures in Secret Comics Japan.

I have a hard time imagining a publisher pursuing a kago license, but you never know :)

Anonymous said...

Ryan, why dont you translate is japanese wikipedia page?

the url is

Anonymous said...

nevermind, i did it myself.

Unknown said...

Another great scanlation job. Thanks :D

And, again, thank you for hosting it.