Tuesday, August 14, 2007

THE YOUNG BANDIT by Yoshida Sensha


After many busy weeks and months, we're EXTREMELY pleased to present a new Yoshida Sensha scanlation! As many of you know, bringing Uncle Sensha to English audiences was our original mandate for starting this blog, and so we're geeked to get back to our gag strip roots.

That said, this comic (translated by yours truly, lettered and touched-up immaculately by Evan, per usual) takes Yoshida Sensha's yon-koma sensibilities to previously unknown scales. How can you argue with 19 pages of loincloths, monkeys, muskets, fastballs and curveballs? (Answer: YOU CAN'T). Please enjoy, and let us know what you think in the comments!

As always, please read from right-to-left!

Click the pic above, or here to start reading!!

(Pssst, Click here for all previous scanlations of Yoshida Sensha's work we've done!)


Aydeeayem said...

I cried.

Khursten said...

Moving. ;w;

That was nice.

Anonymous said...

very fine work!
fine work by Same Hat!
fine work by Yoshida!
very much unlike the previously posted Yoshida works.

C.M.B. said...

Goddamn, Yoshida is a player.

That was great, and unexpected.

Great job guys, thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, wow. Definitely not what I was expecting, but still very good. Thanks for the translation!

Anonymous said...

it would be really great if you guys could offer the whole story zipped, so we don't have to open the files seperately!

Ryan S said...

@aydeeayem: seriously-- this one has some real PATHOS
@khursten: glad you dug it!
@bryan: we're trying to keep it fresh with the types of things here. i thing i prefer his 4-panel for impact, but I fell in love with this comic
@clint: Radical! glad you liked it!
@johnny: haha, we didn't really let on the specifics of this comic. hopefully that made it more fun for you :)
@paul: Good call! we're actually putting up an easier way to browse the pages later tonight!

Thanks all!

Ryan S said...

@paul: So, we didn't zip the files for easy download, but Evan DID whip up a hosted, easy-to-navigate page for reading the entire thing in one go (no 'downloading' of files necessary)


Joseph Luster said...

Thanks for the hosted page, that was an awesome read!