Sunday, August 19, 2007


As some of you already know, we're working on an 80 page zine of original content, featuring art, interviews, comics, mad libs and other random weird crap. This is the first of a series of posts where I'll ask you guys for help with zine content.


Want to spill your guts and in the process help us with one of the first issue's features? The overarching theme for the issue is YOUR FIRST KISS and (among tons of other cool content) will include testimonials, comics and a color spread about first kiss experiences.

For that spread, we want you to tell us about your first kiss AND create a cute/dorky avator of yourself. The zine will be published in late October. I'll be posting more info on the zine's contributors, comics and articles in the next few weeks.


Seriously, many thanks to folks for taking the time to be a part of our zine!


Anonymous said...

How would one get a comic into your zine?

Ryan said...

hmmmm. a very interesting question!

Right now we've got one long comic lined up from a cartoonist friend that's taking up valuable zine reality. That said, we are down for possibly considering some 4-panel strips OR a 1 page comic on first kisses!

We're getting close to filling up the entire zine (and pushing stuff off for issue 2) but email use at SAMEHATatGMAIL.COM if you have more specifics :)


Anonymous said...

oh crap is my fat creativity taking up too much space? that girl is snacking on chocolate when nobody is looking.

Ryan S said...

your fat creativity is what's gonna sell zines!
don't get testy, homeboy.

Anonymous said...

have i mentioned how incredibly daunting that avatar processor is?

Ryan said...

@jenn: yeah, it's a bit time consuming. I found I could make a crappy unrealistic ME in about 3 minutes, but I can tell from the submissions that some peeps are spending a good 30 minutes fine-tuning their avatar (with really awesome results... like, Hellen, Oli and otheres)

don't be scared away!

Anonymous said...

how will we be able to get our hands on this thing when it comes out?

Ryan S said...

that is a good question.
We're gonna be selling it (for cheap) directly through the site, using the surprisingly convenient Google Checkout.

We're also hoping to trick some cool distributors and shops into carrying it (um... giant robot? last gasp?... who knows?)

Will definitely keep you all posted.

Anonymous said...

I like that first kiss!