Monday, September 03, 2007


Hope you enjoyed Labor Day weekend as much as I did. I spent the weekend with friends (Alice, Evan, Jen, Aaron, Tony, Hellen, Anthony, Derek, Fran, Peggy, Erica!) seeing King of Kong, slinking around like a Crawler from The Descent for Anthony's birthday party at the Exploritorium's Tactile Dome, searching Fisherman's Wharf with Evan for a cheap leather brush painter stall, working on the zine and a new/secret translation project. Busy and fun throughout.. super good times!

I was sorting sold old photos and found this one from my last time at Book-Off. Not much description needed, here are two older editions of 恐怖1 and 恐怖2:

Click here to download a bigger version


Anonymous said...

Oh, that's pretty sweet! I don't think I need to ask you whether you went home with those two books. ^_-

Speaking of sharing is caring, here's a photo from my trip to Korea I had meant to send you:

Nice selection at a Seoul Comic Book store. Spot the Korean version of Persepolis? ^^

BTW, lemme know when ur coming to Frankfurt Book Fair!

Anonymous said...

Damn url gets cut off.


just copy and connect the two.

Ryan S said...

whoa, that's really great!
I'm always fascinated to see familiar books/movies presented in other languages (A positively american & dorky fascination in the 21st century, right?)

I see Korean R.Crumb and Sfar's The Rabbi's Cat too :)

ps: i'll email you soon! Sorry, I suck. I'll be working the fair everyday from 10/10-10/14 and flying back on 10/15. BUT, i'm trying to figure out when I'm coming out to Germany... Coworkers are flying out that Monday (10/8) but I was thinking to maybe come earlier like on Saturday? The problem is that Frankfurt is a pretty lame city, isn't it? It felt sortof like tons of banks + St. Louis when I was there. But with good korean food. confusing!

I'll send you an email :)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys
In this link u can find good scans of Go Nagai (Devilman), Junji Ito, Maruo, Shintaro Kago, Toshio Maeda and many more guro/ero artists.
Some in spanish but mostly in english and japanese. Hope enjoy it!:

Sharing is caring!

Anonymous said...

Sorry man, may I ask when you'll do a post about that new Kago short? :)

Ryan S said...

@anon K:
hey dude! I actually started putting together the post and have the files up on the server. will post it either today or tomorrow afternoon, and it'll hopefully get picked up by the manga blogs monday morning :)

thanks again! this latest one is REALLY IMPRESSIVE work by you, (and Kago, of course). You're damn talented at both translating and also production :)

Anonymous said...

Sengitron, that link was amazing, thanks! I have tons of reading now.

Anybody know if there are Kazuichi Hanawa scanlations floating around? The 27 pages of his medieval grotesqueries published in English thus far are simply too few!

Anonymous said...


I have no idea what the store is called, but it's part of a large bookstore in the Euljiro-il-ga underground shopping area. Probably not too hard to find.

helllllen said...

I'm probably not going back to Korea till who knows when, but I never know where to get rad comics while I'm there. Last summer while I was in Seoul I just went to every single bookstore I could find in the pursuit of excellent comic books, but I'm TOTALLY going to the Eujiro il ga area next time, THANKSSSSSSS BEN

also, I've got like four of the books in that picture: Hanaotoko by Matsumoto (that I bought in Korea last summer!), persepolis, Hey Wait! by Jason, and the yellow one in the upper left, a Korean graphic novel called "Yung Soon My Love". it's pretty good

Anonymous said...

I just checked on a map of Myeongdong area, I'm pretty sure the place is called Books Libro.

I bought the Korean comic under Pingpong in the picture (the one with the chinese characters for demon and god on it). It looked interesting and since it was shrinkwrapped I had to buy it to find out what it's like.
It's some kind of dystopian scifi story done in a very cinematic social realist kind of art style. Looks a lot like a french comic. Too bad I can't read Korean. -_-"

These days a bunch of manhwa also get translated into German, I haven't checked anything out yet though. Unfortunately most of what gets translated seems pretty run-of-the-mill romance/fantasy stuff.

helllllen said...

ha I'd translate it for you (badly) if I could. A few manhwa titles get translated in English here too, but yeah it's all lame teenage love crap. I recently bought a translated version of this Seoul indie comic star named Byun Byung-Jun, but honestly his shit is just as sappy as the mainstream stuff. I KNOW there are weirder Korean underground comics out there, I've seen them, but I need to OWN THEM

also, it's in Myeongdong?!?!?!? hahhaha I love going there. The teenage throbbing capitalism!!!! I cannot WAIT to go back to Korea and visit this store