Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I'm not doing the Halloween thing this year, but I wondered to myself...


The person that did would be my hero forever, and we would immortalize you on Same Hat as the biggest/coolest horror manga nerd in existence!

Click here for reference photos of Uncle Umezu, and click here for instructions on making your own GWASHI hand prop.

(Seriously, if someone does this send us an email at samehatATgmailDOTcom with pics!)

Also, I wanted to point new readers to the HORROR MANGA MAKE-UP post from last year, which might be helpful too. CLICK HERE!


Rumika said...

I actually bought a red striped sweater with the sole intent of wearing it on Halloween as a Kazuo Umezu costume of sorts (can't pull off the hair, but the sweater and jeans makes for a great lazy costume). I succeeded, but I didn't feel like explaining my "costume" to people, so I don't know if that counts or not.

Ryan S said...

That's some good planning there. Yesterday at around 2pm, I thought to myself... Can I assemble:

1) HUGE cardboard hand?
2) Red & white sweater?
3) Jeans (CHECK)
4) Crazy, gel'd up black hair?
5) A bit of old man makeup?

The answer was 'No'--- but dang, I'm impressed by your effort and foresight! Where did you get the sweater?

Rumika said...

I picked up the shirt at a store in Ohio my mom took me to, can't remember the name. It's not too far off what I normally wear, so it'll go into regular rotation, which makes me very happy.

I wanted to somehow have the giant cardboard hand too, because it's awesome and I've wanted to make one (and it wouldn't have been too weird to have at Halloween). But I don't have access to a color printer, and I felt like something would be lost if I did it in b/w.