Monday, March 17, 2008


...and Shintaro Kago manga, courtesy of Trevor Brown!

Panorama-tou Kitan

Ana, Moji, Ketsueki ga Arawareru Manga


Many thanks for posting these!

[UPDATE]: More pages can be seen at the Span Art Gallery shop here, which is selling an autographed copy it seems. (thanks for the link, Substrom!)


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Shintaro, why don't you post the Kremlin palace chapters? ;)

substrom said...

little preview here also:

can't wait for the scanlation.

love the kago cover!

Anonymous said...

wah! - i'd have chosen better pages to scan if i knew you'd be reposting - it's definitely the most beautiful looking maruo book - the drawing is excellent, every panel a masterpiece - but the story relatively straightforward liable to disappoint fans of the older more perverse maruo works

but then, kago adequately fills that gap : )

Anonymous said...

@anonymous K: are there any more chapters of kremlin palace translated made than chapters 1-3? I just want to make sure that I have all of them.^^

the cover of the new kago looks awesome ¦:O and the art of new maruo looks fancy as ever..

Ryan S said...

@anonymous k: Ah yes, I do still have them and will post about your latest project soon (and send you an email about the vice mag)

@substrom: Thanks dude! I updated the post accordingly. Better than a scanlation, I'd love to see a publisher pick this up for licensing... maybe this is finally the title that could work in the US? :B

@trevor: I was excited to see you comment here, and wanted to make sure folks saw the book (and the bigger cover images you had). I can't wait to read the Maruo... it actually sounds like the kind of book I've been waiting for from him-- much more my style (of late) than another collection of his shocker shorts. And I love Rampo's writing, so it's basically a perfect book for my tastes.

Anonymous K (our resident Kago master, along with Ben from Germany-- who used to post often in your forum) has been working on some kago stuff that you'll enjoy, i think.

Hemaworstje said...

Kjoet , isnt trevor from eeh darn my memory.
wel as a kago-fanatic and fan of trevor,Thanks for the smile of the day !