Monday, April 28, 2008


Good news! The editor-in-chief at Vice Magazine has generously sent us a boxful of copies of The 4-ACO-DMT Issue to give out. Thanks again for providing this Shintaro Kago fix for the fans, Jesse!

We didn't get quite, enough copies to send along to everyone who commented and asked for one, so I put together a first-come, first-serve list.

If you're on the list, please shoot me an email soon at samehatATgmailDOTcom with the subject line "MY VICE COPY" and your mailing address. Also, if you're on the list but managed to track down your own copy already, please let me know--- there's about 5 folks on the waiting list who'd love your copy. I'm gonna try to get these all shipped out by the end of the week, so get in touch with me soon!

[UPDATE: 5/2/08]
1) Anonymous K SENT
2) Hellen Will give in person
3) Calvin Will give in person
4) MissUrine SENT
5) Gizmogal SENT
6) Amber SENT
7) Arngrim SENT
9) Minerva Got a copy
10) Bryan Reynolds SENT
11) Myrto SENT
12) Zoe Moss Got a copy
13) colorsduke SENT
14) Lewis Ryan SENT
15) Paul SENT
16) Cyphane SENT

For everyone else, you can still enjoy the entire article online at Vice's site.


Anonymous said...

Just in case someone from the waiting list doesn't respond and you don't bother sending a copy to Brazil, I'd like one too!

These things are impossible to find down here.

Ryan said...

Thanks Daniel--- There's a few people ahead of you on the waiting list but if I have extras I'll keep you in mind!

Anonymous said...

thanks for everything man! :)

Anonymous said...

I scrounged a copy on my own- you can take my name of the list!

bryan reynolds said...

thank you so much!
you guys are seriously too kind
you can bet'em i'll be picking up a copy of Tokyo Zombie come September 18

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just sent an email out with my address. THANKS A LOT GUYS!

Anonymous said...

Also, if you haven't seen this yet, Yoshitaka Amano (sp?)'s art was featured on Monster Brains, just search his name.

This, however, is a more sinister Amano with psychedelic visions of Jigoku and Nirvana, all in an 8-panel huge grotesque vista which has pastel vibes of the weirdest Maruo!


Erotic Grotesque Nonsense indeed.

Anonymous said...

Damn how did I miss this?

Well add me to the list now? If by some unbelievable stroke of luck there's an extra copy for me I would be so happy.

By the way, this is probably my first time commenting here, but I've been reading this blog for a while. I guess I'm shy?

Ark said...

I'd like one... better late than never, right? :)

Anonymous said...

Recieved it just today! THANKS!!

Ryan S said...

@anonymous K: let me know when your copy makes it there safely! Hopefully early next week or so? I put a copy of a minizine I did last year that you might like :)

@minerva: thanks! that's one more copy to share with the rest of the waiting list.

@bryan: hope it made it there safely :) If you make it out to San Diego or MoCCA in NYC I may have some copies on hand to sell early (if the publisher is cool with it)

@cyphane: Thanks for the email! I'm sending your copy out today. And yes, I did totally see that Monster Brains post. Very interesting stuff. Monster Brains is totally one of my absolute favorite blogs. I feel like I learn a lot from that dude.

@kqbn: Thanks for the first (of hopefully many) comment. Unfortunately, all the VICE issues are spoken for and being sent out today. Next time!

@ark: sorry, all out now :( But thanks for reading this here blog.

@amber: awesome! glad that it made it so quick

Anonymous said...

Drat, this what I get for not keeping up with your blog. ;o;