Sunday, April 06, 2008


Sorry for the lack of juicy content on the site... things got supremely busy at the end of last week... But, I'm feeling 100X better right now for two big reasons:

NUMBER 1: The Secret Project that Evan and I have been working on for over 6 months is DONE! We finalized all of the book pages last week, and passed them to the publisher the day before I left the country. This is a massive relief mentally, and it's really odd and satisfying to be done with it. All that's left is fun stuff, like helping go over the printing proofs, announcing the book, pressuring all our friends and readers of this blog to BUY IT, and then some cool events around the release. AWESOME!


NUMBER 2: Holy fuck, I'm in Japan! My GF and I arrived Friday and have been spending our first few days running around Tokyo. So far we've been shopping at TACOche, Uniqlo, saw rockabilly daddies at Harajuku's Yoyogi park, and ate yakisoba and saw cherry blossom (and right-wingers) by Yasukuni Shrine, just to name a few. It's been really rad so far, although I'm obviously and weirdly not over my jet lag, typing this up at 5:30 am on Monday...

No real pics 'til I get back, but I grabbed some amazing stuff at TACOche to blog about (and some stuff like Suehiro Maruo pins to give away... SH contest soon after we get back?).

So that this post isn't just all about my crap, here is the homepage doodle that debuted today, celebrating Astro Boy's birthday (according to Tezuka in the manga, Astro Boy was "born" 4/7/2003).

PS: No, I have not found Umezu or his house... YET! :B


Anonymous said...

Agh, this secret project is torture. Will it be revealed soon? Please?

Anyway, have fun in Japan. Good luck finding Umezu's house.

Traveller said...


myrto said...

I tried unsuccesfully to locate Umezu house as well. Hope you have better luck than me!

Anonymous said...

don't forget the pictures :)l

Ryan said...

@kouros: Very soon! It's up to the publisher, but I hear that an annoucement/article on the book may be happening soon.

@payasete mon: thanks!

@mytro: No luck for me either... It was raining in Kichijoji so I didn't push it (and force my gf to tromp around blindly with me). I think next time I'll try to ask the folks at TacoChe if they can sketch me a map.

@bizarrejapan: So many pics! I've taken more pics of book covers alone than any other trip. Will start posting ASAP when I get back!