Friday, April 11, 2008


Remote-access Ryan coming to you live from a Kyoto internet cafe. I'm taking a break from buying WAY TOO MUCH manga and eating WAY TOO MUCH melon bread to post these details. I'll be back in the US on Tuesday, and will start posting pics soon after.

But first! Here are the press release details from this event-- Kago himself will be in attendance at the show, and I hear they're printing special t-shirts and selling original art (WHOA). I would love to see pics if anybody in Europe decides to attend!!

Shintaro Kago
First European exposition at K-Space Amsterdam

Think of satire, extreme body distortion, art and sex and getting close to the bizarre manga world of Shintaro Kago. Manga is another word for Japanese comics. Manga as we know it existed after World War II and finds its origin in the old Japanese art. The work of Shintaro Kago can be seen for the first time in Europe in K-Space Amsterdam from April 24 until May 24.

Fashionable paranoia
Shintaro Kago calls himself ‘kisou mangaka’, what means bizarre manga artist. Because of his work in many ‘adult’ manga magazines he is not only very popular in Japan but is he respected in the whole manga world. Shinatoro Kago work differentiates from others manga artist because it is innovative and experimental. His style can be described as ‘fashionable paranoia’. Shintaro Kago makes you think and wonder with his ‘in your face’ paintings.

Shintaro Kago will paint his work live in K-Space. In the days before the opening he will make a mural. On April 24, Shintaro Kago will be at the opening and exclusive limited edition work is for sale.

K-Space Amsterdam is the lifestyle showroom and creative office of K-Swiss in Amsterdam. It offers a creative platform and exposition space. The K-Space philosophy is supporting and developing all kind of projects in music, art, film, culture, design, fashion and visual art. K-Space offers next to the newest sneakers and clothing a creative hangout where you can always walk in for a coffee, check your email, listen to the newest music, read magazines and books and share ideas!

Date: April 24, 2008 until May 24, 2008
Location: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 262, Amsterdam
Opening hours: April 24, opening exposition from 17:00-21:00
Other days: 12:00-19:00
Entrance: FREE

Details on KSPACE blog


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! Kago coming to my town? Awesome! I'm definitely going to try to be there.

Special t-shirt and original art! *drool*

Anonymous said...

oh, cruel world...why isn't it london? If I wouldn't be stuck in this island I would travel there...what a shame

myrto said...

OMG! Too soon. No time to save money to travel there :( Hopefully I'll convience a friend to get there and take some pics (and maybe buy me some stuff..??)

bryan reynolds said...

Europe gets it all
damned again

it seems like you're having a swell time in Japan, and that is good - can't wait for the full report!
all so can't wait for the unveiling of the secret project

Anonymous said...

Sorry, totally off-topic:
This video it´s sooo 'Same hat!'
Denki Groove- Monooke dance:

The end is glorious! hahahah

substrom said...

"oh, cruel world...why isn't it london? If I wouldn't be stuck in this island I would travel there...what a shame"

plane or ferry you drama queen

terribleshy said...

hope you're having a fantastic time, Ryan

vivian said...

Matt and I saw this girl we kind of know with her red low-rider with banana seat bike on the sidewalk yesterday, then she stopped and walked her bike to an empty spot on a bike lock post. The bike she locked up next to was the SAME BIKE! SAME BIKE!

Anonymous said...

I think that Kago flyer is a little drab. They should have added some color to it to spruce it up.

bittermelon said...

kago + amsterdam = makes sense. welcome back! wow. melon bread... melons...

That Girl said...

lucky old amsterdam. I want a Kago shirt asap! D:

But luckily I just got my Gwashi hand one in today :)