Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Thanks to everyone who has already started adding shops and hot spots to the SAME HAT GUIDE TO EVERYTHING. I realize that I could have provided better details in yesterday's post on how to actually add places to the map. Here is a quick step-by-step on using the map, with the New York takoyaki stand Otafuku as an example.

STEP 1: When you're viewing the Same Hat Guide to Everything, click on the [Edit] button on the left side to start adding stuff or making changes to other people's stuff on the map.

STEP 2: When you click [Edit], new little tools will show up at the top of the map frame, including a icon marker thingy, a line tool for drawing routes, and a blobby-looking tool for drawing areas and shapes. In this case, I know where Otafuku is on the block, and clicked the icon marker thingy there on the block in the East Village.

STEP 3: Now that the placeholder is there, it's time to start the magic. I'm sharing as much detail as I have, which in this case is my experience there and a picture from Yelp. If I know the hours they were open or had specific recommendations on times to go or what to order, I should add them too.

I also clicked the upper right icon to bring up a menu to choose other icons. This is a "restaurant" so I'm using the food icon that's already there. You can also use the Same Hat-specific icons Evan and I made, or upload your own. Once I'm all done, I clicked Save (I actually saved a few times along the way so I wouldn't lose my progress). Then click Done to stop editing the map, and view it as everyone else will see it. Booyah, you are now officially an altruistic, contributing member of the Same Hat community!

ALSO: If you are using Google Maps for something unrelated, but look up a place that'd be good for SHGTE, you can simply click "Save to My Maps". This will automatically create a placeholder in that spot in SHGTE (with the address and details if available pre-loaded) and you can simply customize and save the entry from there.

Let me know if you have any questions. Otherwise:


Anonymous said...

Cheers for the idiot's guide to editing SHGTE, now we have no excuse. Will come in handy for all those Umezu stalkers out there, just saying.

A quick aside, saw this today anyone read Bête Noire? Yuichi Yokoyamais in there, a few others aswell, worth the money?

Ryan S said...
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Ryan S said...

Oh yeah, the idea is to simply make the map as easy as possible. I'm gonna add a button to the sidebar-- this thing is sticking around (and already getting good additions from folks like Xavier Gilbert even!)

I have Bete Noire issue 1 (got it summer '06 in NYC, I think), and it's very interesting albeit a bit hit or miss. That said, I did have high hopes for the series and was really disappointed that it got canned early. It would have been a much more interesting ugly stepsister to Mome, which can be a little dry for my tastes.

It's worth picking up (especially at the discount) simply for the Yokoyama and Nemoto stories, even if they are hella short.

bittermelon said...

booyeah. this is really awesome, a wonderful project. can't wait to contribute. i'll refrain from making the same pathetic joke about the tenderloin or something like that. maybe we can dress ryan up and have him whore himself for a promo video.

Anonymous said...

you should add "oriental city" which is in london, colindale (if you haven#t already...i don#t know how to use those maps)´s a nice shopping center with awesome asian retaurants, video game hall, asian-supermarked,numerous souvenir-shops selling japanese toys/stuff, manga/book-store (which was closed when I was there, because it was monday, but I heard it's awesome) and so place in europe related to japan...i guess,+Vereinigtes+K%C3%B6nigreich&fb=1&view=text&latlng=8635936623419240996&dtab=2&reviews=1&oi=more_rev&sa=X&ei=_nWISIuuGIjK2ALLibzaBg

i don#t know how to add stuff to a map-thing, so somebody else might do it..cheers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply, I'll definitely give Bete Noir a look so.

Anonymous said...

I thought that Bête Noire was amazing from A to Zed, though I have to admit I'm not nearly as critical as some when it comes to (the not mainstream) comics.

Anyway, I know some totally awesome little bookstore for Québécois fanzine and indie comics that I think would be revelant to the interest of the Same Hat community, I'll get some picture and add that to the map (by the way, I'm also planning to do a blog about Québec comics once summer is over. Well, if that seems cool to somebody except me).

terribleshy said...

just added a couple for LA- I hope I did it right!
rad idea :)