Wednesday, April 29, 2009


PictureBox publisher Dan Nadel just announced on Facebook that they are opening an online gallery to sell original art by their stable of artists. This is cool because in addition to folks like CF and Ben Jones, they are selling original comic pages and panels by Yuichi Yokoyama!

Have $200-$1000 laying around and want to own a piece of Garde, New Engineering, Travel, or his other works? Check out PictureBox Auctions!


Azraelito said...

I dont have anything of him yet in manga!

A rare artist, but a nice storytelling!

I check in the comics journal message board and they told me that they were releasing garden this year!!

I hope I can buy that one!!

saludos from argentina as always!!!

ps: apart from the mizuno book, is there any plan from another manga were evan and you are related??

Ryan S said...

@Azraelito: Yokoyama is a different type of artist. I like him a lot, he's really wild and abstract (though he depicts really normal, daily-life scenes).

There is another manga that Evan & I are working on, but I can't post details yet. And I am starting to think about another project I want to pitch for after that too :)

Will post news here on anything I can, as soon as I am allowed by the publisher(s). Ryan!

Eoin Marron said...

Man, a piece by Yokoyama on your wall would look so snazzy! Especially one from Travel...

Also can't wait to hear about your new project(s?) Ryan!

Dash Shaw said...

An old animated adaptation of Tsuge's "Screw Style" on youtube:

Ryan S said...

@Eoin: Yeah, or can you imagine a giant poster of a spread from Travel covering your wall? It might hypnotize you.

@Dash: Oh nice, thanks for the great share! I'd never seen this clip... I'll post in on the blog this morning :)