Wednesday, July 08, 2009


In California, it's lunchtime on Wednesday. That means we've made it just 1/2 the way through the work week. It's the midway hump, a high time for exhaustion and weekend yearnings to set in...

Here is your treatment for the Humpday blues: Umezu posing for a photo shoot alongside his figurine at a Kichijoji park:

In other Umezu news, I received word from reader Eliza that the Makoto-chan tape measure and keitai charms I posted about last Fall are available now to English-speakers via the import toy/accessory site, Strapya World.

Sorry for all the short posts lately, will work on some quality content in the next few days :)

UNRELATED QUESTION: Do any of you guys regularly read any Japanese indies/webcomics online? I'm curious to hear if their are any serial strips out of Japan that you know of (like xkcd, Kate Beaton's history comics, or whatever). I'm looking for recommendations, thanks!

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