Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Sean Michael Wilson, cartoonist and editor of the upcoming AX Anthology from Top Shelf, was nice enough to stop by the comment thread of a previous post to give an update on the excitedly-awaited tome's progress. He said:
Two things to tell you: the AX book interior is now complete - Top Shelf will soon begin the final design stage and wrap it up in the cover, etc. It is, of course, looking super good!

Second thing, is that a French edition of the AX collection will soon be agreed on. I will help put that together too.

And... (third thing!) I may soon have some very good news to tell about ANOTHER classic gekiga book to come out in English.... watch this page.

Exciting stuff all around. The bad news is that Amazon currently lists the book as not coming out until July 2010. Hmmmm. I'll keep you posted as I hear more from Sean and Top Shelf!


jimpac said...

Good to hear that this book is pretty much completed. It's a shame that the release date has been put so far back but it does mean 2010 should be a good year for amazing alt-manga!

I wonder what the other book he's talking about is... Yoshiharu Tsuge collection, anyone??

m said...

wow, this is amazing news, can't wait! oh and ryan, thank you sooo much for the postcard!! it looks awesome on my wall! was i the only one in japan you sent one to?

Ryan S said...

@jimpac: Yeah, 2010 is gonna be fantastic! I'm super stoked :)

I don't have any inside knowledge about the book, but my gut tells me it won't be Tsuge-- he's been notoriously resistant to any English publication of his work in the last half-decade of so (I have heard). I have a feeling it's more likely another book like Red Snow or even earlier in the formation of Gekiga by one of the original 3-4 dudes. Just a guess!

@m: Oh awesome, glad it arrived! I sent 3-4 to Same Hat readers in Japan :) best!!

jimpac said...

@ryan: Any gekiga is good with me. :)

Sort of figured it wouldn't be Tsuge but one can always hope! I seem to remember reading somewhere that he was reluctant to have his works published overseas as the only way to truly understand it was to move to Japan and speak the language! Can't quite remember where I got that from, so apologies if I'm spouting misinformation!

Travis McGee said...

Don't know if this is it, but there is a new Tatsumi book coming out next year:


It's from very early on in career - in fact, it's one of the books that he talks about in 'A Drifting Life' ...