Wednesday, April 14, 2010


In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except taxes and new Shintaro Kago daily strips. Keeping to his impressive schedule, Kago has pumped out another 7 short gags for your viewing pleasure at his site. This batch is all over the map, and my quick translations are presented below. Enjoy!

Monday - Miso Soup Curling

Tuesday - Sakai Masaaki's side job at the nursing home
Says: Using his tablecloth trick to help out
But how do you put the sheets back on...?

Wednesday - Fitting Room

Thursday - Tire

Friday - Chaplin's The Gold Rush

Saturday - Unending long roll TP system

Sunday - Irreconcilable differences between the buttons & buttonholes

(You can check out all the previous Kago strips by clicking the daily strips label)

In other Shintaro Kago news, he has recently updated his site with details about upcoming events/appearances. These are only helpful for folks in Japan, but perhaps some of you will be in Tokyo around these times?

May 4, 11am - 4pm
Tokyo Big Site, Halls 1&2
Kago's booth: え01b
He'll be selling comics & dojinshi

Shintaro Kago special goods event
May 8, 2pm - 6pm
ちょこれーとちわわ(Chokore tochiwawa) 3min walk from JR Koenji South gate
Selling original goods, more details later

Design Festa 31
May 15 & 16, 11am - 7pm
Tokyo Big Site
Kago's Booth: C-0547

Film screening at Capriccio in Ekoda
June 11, doors at 7, starts at 7:30
Showing new animated shorts, selling goods


Mr Alchemy said...

I honestly felt his animated shorts left a lot to be desired. The films of animator Cyriak (channel on youtube) are the closest I've seen resembling the feelings one gets from reading a Kago manga. Kago should write a script for Cyriak to animate.
Otherwise, for future projects, he should team up with a talented animator in Japan and assume the role of writer/director.

Ho-Ling said...

It's funny to see how Kago seems to have done several showings in Ekoda, while the time I actually lived in Ekoda, I had to go all the way to Kouenji for the showing. As if he knew.