Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Back in business! I wrote 3 posts over the pasts few days, but thought Shintaro Kago daily strips was the way to start. If you were in Japan this past weekend, perhaps you got to meet Kago himself; He was holding down a booth at Design Festa, as witnessed by my buddy David (of the fantastic SEIBEI apparel fame) and Chris from The Beguiling.

Next up after this is another installment of "The Manga Story" essays, reprinted from the late '80s, followed by the first (fucking FINALLY) post of manga reports from my 2010 Tokyo trip. Let's get things going again with 7 gaga comics about errr unique plant cultivation & husbandry ideas, via his site. My translations are, as always, presented below. Enjoy!

Monday - Cornea transplant farm

Tuesday - Meatpacking green peppers(??)
(Saving time & labor in the refinement of meats by remodeling small animals as peppers!)

Wednesday - Ready-to-slice tamago chicken!

Thursday - Kidney transplant farming technique

Friday - Salted beef tongue cultivation

Saturday - Breastfeeder part-time job

Sunday - Transcendental subspace vagina

(You can check out all the previous Kago strips by clicking the daily strips label)


z.ky said...

I love these so much, thanks for sharing them!

Yukiko Forever! said...

I'm headed to Tokyo in a month. I hope I meet Shintaro . . . though unless he speaks English well it may be awkward . . . :3

Yukiko Forever! said...

that was a joke btw . . . XD