Wednesday, August 04, 2010


For folks that haven't checked it yet, the newly re-launched SAME HAT TUMBLR is up and running!

The Tumblr is off to a fantastic start, being curated and run by 8 awesome contributors: Marie, Olivia, Carrie, Stefan, Katano, Adam, Miss Nas and Jim (with occasional posts by me & Evan). It features art/videos/music and random whatever from the bowels of the internet-- all stuff loosely related to the imagined community that is "SAME HAT". Please check it out, follow it, reblog it, and all that good stuff!

I am MAJORLY behind in all areas of my life-- my day job and some family stuff have completely taken over my days and nights!-- but will be back with more stuff soon. I'm planning a week of AX ANTHOLOGY artist highlights next week as we get very close to its official release!


Azraelito said...

Very nice the tumblr. Good luck with things of your family.

Best wishes you argentinian fan!!

Saludos Syung Myung Me said...

This doesn't have anything to do with anything, but I'm having trouble finding a comic scanslation I'm pretty sure I found here originally -- I _think_ it was by Shintaro Kago, and it was about a cliffside with lots of holes in it that fit people exactly -- and they ended up being called to it inexplicably, and climbing in the holes, and the payoff was that said holes, while keeping the same shape, got smaller and smaller, crushing them, as they couldn't go backwards, only forwards.

Driving me nuts, and I was going to share it with a friend, but danged if I can find it....

Ryan S said...

@Kittysneezes: That's not a scanlation, it's a short comic by Junji Ito that was included in the back of Volume 2 of Gyo. The name is:
The Enigma of Amigara Fault, and it's been parodied a few times and spawned a meme or two DER DER DERR

Ryan! Syung Myung Me said...

AH! Awesome! Thank you very much! That'd explain why I couldn't find it! That one's such a good one.

alexmercado said...

you know i think this blog's the bees knees, and i would hate to spam, but i'd love to let you guys know about a little project my friend is trying to get funded w/animation.. i did the charadesigns, and hope the word gets spread. if deleted it's cool, and my bad ahead of time.

also i'd like to know when those submissions are a comin'