Saturday, September 25, 2010


Happy weekend, everyone! I'm gonna try to spend it off the internet after an insanely busy week of work, but wanted to share a bunch of interesting reads, cool blogs, and weird stuff I've been enjoying this past week. I'm gonna make this a regular feature each Saturday from now on. Enjoy!

+ Third rate artisty - Also known as Ero Gekiga, a fantastic and promising new blog started by a friend to Same Hat. He says the blog will be:
"Dedicated to the lost art of ero gekiga, or sanryu gekiga, Japanese erotic comics from the 1970s and 1980s. For each artist's entry I will strive to include magazines they appeared in, collected works published and a sample of their panel work and book covers."

Seems like a fantastic new addition to the small handful of blogs digging into this ground, and I've already added it to the Same Hat sidebar links. Go over and show him some love!

+ AX Anthology Twitter review-a-thon - Manga reviewers on Twitter are doing a story-by-story review of the entire AX Anthology, which hit stores this week. They got through half the book on Friday and are gonna weigh in on the second half on Sunday. I'm planning a series of posts about artists in the book, but this is a great primer for the comics included in this meaty anthology!

+ The art of Jonny Negron - Last week I heard about the art of Jonny Negron. The dude's work is a weird mix of the non-lame parts of R.Crumb's pin-up work, 70s hentai, Seiichi Hayashi, and my teenage wet dreams rolled into one. I bought two paintings from him and am scheming on how I can get him in a future zine. Click through for more of his work, along with links to his site and Flickr.

+ THE RUINED CAST production blog - A new blog run by my friend & cartoonist Dash Shaw, following the production of his feature length animated film, The Ruined Cast. Dash wrote the screenplay and is directing the film, which features additional animation/art by Jane Samborski, Frank Santoro, & Ray Sohn, and is being produced by co-produced by John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig & The Angry Inch, Shortbus).

In addition to posting details about the film and daily sketches, Dash is using the blog to talk about his love for the limited animation of Japanese OAV (which I know is close to a lot of our hearts). For starters, check out this great interview with Katsuhiro Otomo, thoughts on the Testujin 28-go opening sequence, and a concept title animation for a prison sitcom with Will Ferrel.

+ Insane title sequence from Enter The Void - A short 1min clip from the new Gaspar Noe film about siblings and psychedelia in Tokyo. The number of typefaces per second in this opening is insane and won me over.

+ Kentaro Takekuma and Koji Aihara in the woods - Hilarious photo shoot by the kings of gag manga and creators of Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga. Also features a few nice cameos by my friend Demerin (UMEZZ.COM)!


RSS said...

So jealous of the AX. Amazon JUST now canceled my order after months of me sitting on a "shipping soon" status. What dicks. I hope to find it elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Not completely related to the post, but damn, I'm so happy that v1 of AX is finally coming out.
I was fearing that it was printed in such small numbers that I couldn't get my hands on it and only learned a couple of days ago that it just wasn't out yet because of publisher problems.

Anonymous said...

Saw an actual physical copy of AX in my local shop the yesterday, was soooo tempted to buy it after waiting months for Amazon( which doesn't seem to be cancelling orders yet...fingers crossed) to ship it, but the purchase would have left me very broke. Hope the situation, whatever it is, gets resolved soon. I need this book.

Sootoo said...

The Ero Gekiga blog looks beautiful! Immediately signed in!

The Otomo interview was interesting too. But this sketch vid was even better:

I think Akira will always stay as my favorite anime.

Thanx for sharing!

nameless said...

yay! my AX order from around two weeks ago arrived today. didn't have the time to read it yet, but the first impression is pretty good. good paper and binding (i didn't always have the best experience with US publishers - greets to vertical and their horrible hardcover edition of the great MW manga - okay, it was relative cheap, but i'd rather pay a few bucks more for good quality...)