Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I just got back from a quick trip to Texas to visit my mom and aunts/cousins for the holiday. I'm working on some final posts of the year, after a pitiful lack of any posts on Same Hat in December! GUHHHH. SORRY GUYS!

I do have some exciting news about a posting experiment of sorts! Thanks to the generosity of Michael & Dave, I’m serializing their skillful and impressive fan translation of HANGING BALLOONS by Junji Ito over on the Same Hat TUMBLR. I've been posting 5 pages a day, and you can start at the beginning and read them in reverse order (if you aren't already)!

Hanging Balloons is a longer standalone story that would have been part of the Museum of Terror series had it not been killed off by Dark Horse after volume three. We're up to page 34 already, and shit is about to go down that will haunt your dreams! The entire story should be complete by Monday, January 3 if my mental math is on point.

GO CHECK IT OUT! (and subscribe to the Same Hat Tumblr if you like things that are awesome).


Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!!!! ty!!!

more ito here

Azraelito said...

Hey Ryan and Evan Felicidades and have a Happy New Year. Best wishes to both of you.

As always my english sucks and keep up the good work.


ps: Very nice Junji Ito. Now I am reading a lot of things about Motofumi Kobayashi. In spanish there a lot of things that were translated. Cat Shit one is really incredible

Luca said...

hey this is great thanks!

how many pages total??

Ryan S said...

@Azraelito: Happy holidays dude! Great to hear from you!

@Luca: Thanks! It's 61 pages total :)

Zuper said...

It's my fav story from him!