Friday, January 25, 2013


Just in: delightful news, sent to us from Same Hat reader cat-heaven! Did you know that the NHK has a program called Renman that features professional artists facing off in a jam comic competition?? Where they meet and draw together on the same sheet of paper, then are judged by a panel of critics and television personalities?

And did you know... the January 6th episode of Renman featured a friendly faceoff between HIDESHI HINO and KAZUO UMEZU!?!?

NHK is notoriously on point about removing uploaded videos of their content, and I've yet to find a clip of this show... but I was able to grab some promotional images from their site, for your viewing pleasure!

The comic's theme was 初夢 (hatsuyume - "First dream of the new year") and the competition uses a chess clock approach, with 30 total minutes for each cartoonist. They start it off with a game of janken and Hideshi Hino wins, electing for Umezu to draw first.

Thanks to an Anonymous reader, here is the full episode (for now), enjoy!

Kazuo Umezu!!

And his opponent... Hideshi Hino!!

The episode's judges (Simon, Randy, Paula, Randy 2)

Umezu remains the happiest and sweetest person I've ever met

Hideshi Hino's horrible horror-drawing hands. I actually met him at ComicCon 2005 too, he was very sweet but much less friendly.

The Laughing Vampire/Grandpa

Facing off in their fancy, signature looks.

This is a scene from an imagined buddy film in my mind: "Grumpy Old Mangakas."

And finally, here is their comic! HIDESHI HINO vs. KAZUO UMEZU:
The winner as decided by the judges on the show: KAZUO UMEZU


Anonymous said...

It's on youtube for now:

Aaron said...

I think my mind just exploded. This is like real-life Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman....
Hey, has Umezu done any publicly shown comics between his official retirement and this jam?

Sandpaperdaisy said...

...that's ridiculously awesome...thanks for sharing.