Sunday, March 06, 2005

book-off SCORE!

Got a call from nate who was out in NYC this weekend-- He was at
the Manhattan store of the AWESOME used-book chain BOOK OFF. (i had no idea that they had a u.s. store!?). Anyway, he picked up a copy of the Japanese version of Hideshi Hino's Panorama of Hell!

This was a totally awesome find and I gotta thank Nate for thinking of me and this blog while he was out there. This book has been translated into English, but the only version of it was put out by Blast Books in 1990-- it's actually really hard to track down a cheap version of it, so maybe we will try our own hand at translating and putting it online for free at some point down the line!

of course, if you can ever get your hands on either Hell Baby or Panorama of Hell (in english!) for cheap, we totally recommend these early Hino classics!

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