Monday, March 14, 2005

heisei hell baby

sorry for the delay! Happy to say that Evan is back and we celebrated his arrival by checking out the live-action Cutie Honey movie in Berkeley with friends. We'll continue the celebration tonight, at Guitar Wolf!

As promised, here is a previously untranslated, 4-page story by Suehiro Maruo. This story was written in 1989, as the death of Hirohito and the end of the Showa period loomed large in Japanese news. We're currently rocking the Heisei period, but this strip takes on the demons of Japan's periods of "modern" history (Meiji, Taisho, Showa). ENJOY!

(read from right-to-left!)
page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4

more Yoshida Sensha coming next!


Ainur Elmgren said...

This is wonderful. Thank you so much for posting this online. You're a cultural hero!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

the four horsemen have never been creepier.