Wednesday, July 13, 2005

on the horizon

An update on our happenings:

  • ##Evan without access: He's currently in the process of moving, and Evan has been without wireless for about a week. This means not only has he been unable to post, we've been unable to shoot files back and forth for a bit now. He wants me to tell everyone that Comcast should be coming on Monday to get him all hooked up, and we'll have some new goodness soon after

  • ##Anthony's story up on Asimovs now! Our friend Anthony won the Asimov undergraduate award in 2004, and his story is now available on their site. A totally excellent piece of work that'll be right up most of our reader's alleys/asses. Please check out "Orbiting" now!

  • ##Comic-Con!!! A bummer, but my lady and I can't make it down to San Diego this weekend. BUT-- Evan is making the trip as I type this up. I'm expecting lots of photos and stories when he gets back. ALSO, he'll be handing out two items at the con:
    our SAME HAT! preview zine that we first prepared for APE
    a TOTALLY ORIGINAL, 10-page horror comic!!
    That's right!! We'll be posting this original comic after he gets back, free on this site. Look forward to Evan talking about this once he gets back. EXCITING, no?

Following Evan's comic, we will be running more new strips, Maruo and some original comics by Derek, and a new horror/Shocksupsense collaboration between Me&my lady and evan! Lot's of fun stuff, coming very very soon on this page!

oh, and if you wondered what i'll be doing this weekend:


Anonymous said...

The Orbiting story was really good, thanks for sharing the link. I especially liked this:

When I was fourteen, I proudly announced that I was going to be a vegetarian. My mom smiled, sat me down, and explained that all of our food was grown in a vat.

Anonymous said...

An original horror comic!?

Fuck man, I'm already looking forward to that!

Just for that I'm not going to be offended by the fact you put Harry Potter up on the site (which, under normal circumstances, I would be ; ) ).

Ryan said...

hey viv!

glad you liked the story-- I told anthony to check out your comment when I saw him in like at the Harry Potter release party friday night! hope post-graduated life is treating you well so far.

Ryan said...

ben! you know you love hairy pooter and der halber Brutprinz or whatever/ wheeeeee.
ps-- i'm gonna email you tonight about the haniwa comic. sounds like a sweet thing, if you don't mind too much : )