Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Check out this interesting read from the latest issue of The Comics Journal. It's all about amateur/unofficial manga translators and the geeky role they(we?) play. I continue to assume that since we are working with Sensha, Maruo, Hino, Kago and Ito that we don't fall into the Kenshin crowd, but who knows, really?

One of the very few articles on this scene, I found it really fascinating:

Scanlation Nation: Amateur Manga Translators Tell Their Stories

"For the readers of prestigious comics magazines like The Comic Journal, who consider themselves to be connoisseurs of comic art and find little to be excited about in the current English manga market: Keep in mind that what is currently available is much like the American superhero-comic scene. There are certainly worthwhile examples of the genres that are prevalent in English today if you know where to look, but the full breadth of what is out there in Japanese is immense, and it may take some time for truly advanced examples to see the light here."

check out also this editorial on Shojo Manga and the role it plays (that mainstream american comics can't fulfill). thanks to Anthony for passing it along.


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