Monday, August 01, 2005

MARUO DISSECTION (non-literal)

Another quick read while we work on more original content (2 Sensha, new gag comics by 相原コージ , etc). A moderately interesting 'analysis' of Suehiro Maruo, with some indulgent and vivid descriptions of the comics in Ultra-Gash Inferno. Can't help but feel like the author was sortof, um... TOO into what he was writing about and let it bleed into his article, but overall it's a good overview of what Maruo is all about.

But really, it's not going far enough if you reference Rampo (good) and Crumb (weaker connection there) but don't reference the slasher atrocity ukiyo-e stuff of the 19th century (Yoshitoshi Tsukioka, etc). This ain't no Pillow Book. Anyway, give it a glance for more on Suehiro Maruo.

M/C Journal article on Maruo

Thanks to Chris/Suehiro Maruo Shrine for the link!

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