Thursday, September 08, 2005



I came across this recently (because it is one of a few long stories we were thinking to do ourselves) and was totally geeked about it. Available at the link below are the first three volumes of this surreal, horror/fantasy tale about a school that literally disappears -- transported to a sick alternate reality that sortof resembles the future (or is it HELL?)!!!

(For more info on Kazuo Umezu, please click HERE!)

This thing is a really cool read (the story is way more interesting than Orochi:Blood), and the scanlation isn't bad at all. I had some issues with the translation-- sortof stuntingly formal and stiff-sounding in a few spots, but very nice work overall. I wanna give credit where it's due, so here's the info on this one: (and to note, if it wasn't obvious DUHHH, this one wasn't done by SAME HAT... we're just linking it!)

A post-apocalyptic manga. An entire elementary school of 862 students and staff are somehow transported into a barren future, after a series of disasters has wiped out the human race. The students must try to survive the harsh conditions, disease, strange mutated creatures which have taken over the planet, and more than anything the insanity that slowly takes over them and turns them against one another.

Joint project with Band of the Hawks.
Vol 1 - Vol 2 Chapter 1 were done jointly with Jinmen-Juushin.

THERE YOU HAVE IT! please enjoy!

as usual, please read pages from right-to-left!


Anonymous said...

I loooooove this book man!! I'm on volume ten but it's so hard to find this book in borders or barnes and nobles is there any other way (besides buying) that i can read this book?

Anonymous said...

hey same hat..i have 1-11 this comic scanlation, but in japanese language...can you translate it??

Ryan S said...

@ent: No way dude, the book's been released in English! You can buy it from Viz... :)