Friday, September 09, 2005


NEW GAG COMICS by Koji Aihara

Here is the first of a bunch of short strips by a weirdo manga artist we like. Straying from the absurd Sensha stuff into more... colorful pastures (read: BODY HUMOR!!). We're talking: Grandpa farting on his deathbed, a dying warrior seeing a cow shitting as his last earthly moment, highschool boys begging for a peek at their gf's nekopai's-- you know, the USUAL STUFF.

We'll do our damnedest to translate these as smoothly as possible; I've already put in extra hours looking up the precise term for various types of farts, and Evan's is sharpening his WACOM sylus to be sure we get those wanking off sound effects just right. As always, any kind of comments/suggestions are VERY appreciated by both of us.


as usual, please read from right-to-left.

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C.M.B. said...

i'd be interested in knowing the sound effect for jacking off in japanese. haha.