Friday, October 28, 2005


Enjoy the concluding chapter of this radical story by Suehiro Maruo!

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Anonymous said...

Reminded me of the southpark quote "Kick the baby". :)
Hmm to critique methinks, the story needed a bit more of something, all we learn about is PS's modus operadi, not about why she is like that (Although I'm guessing she's just a sociopath), or the wider implications of her actions. The results that were shown where quite limited.

- Factory

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To me the story has a good premise, but is ultimately disappointing because it fails to come to any kind of closure -- all we see is one trick after another; the world is apparently PS's oyster. How come she gets away with it so surely and easily? How does the rest of the world react?

But congrats for the marvellous retouch work; you guys should turn professional.

Anonymous said...

aw MAN

I have the biggest pork slab of all, salted and fried to your liking. SAMEHAT NO. !

Anonymous said...

ah dang it that should say "SAMEHAT NO. 1!"

Ryan said...

whoaaa. dude!
thumbtacks? posionous chemicals!
this girl sounds like someone i knew in high school, but a bit more hardcore about things. jeeeez

Anonymous said...

I think that what's great about this comic is the lack of motivation for the charactor and the lack of a moral framework or worldview for the work in general.
I think the lack of motivation for the main charactor also makes it more disturbing and funny. We're not told, " she was traumatized by bla blah blah." we just see her acting horribly. If we were given a good motivation for her actions, it wouldn't really add to the story, it would just make it less interesting.

Anonymous said...

The Sociopath next door

Anonymous said...

I love this manga xD

Tashi said...

I think the girl is supposed to be Momoe Yamaguchi. It sure looks like her, anyway. Took me a while to get around to reading this, but I liked it. Good work!

Ryan S said...

@Tashi: Thanks for reading! I think you're right, a few other folks mentioned the Momoe connection too (and Maruo names his evil protagonist Yamaguchi-san too).

Glad you enjoyed this one... a blast from the past!