Saturday, July 29, 2006

Can we say enough good things about Yoshihiro Tatsumi?

Evan got to meet Yoshihiro Tatsumi at San Diego Comic-Con!! SO JEALOUS! He was able to attend a program with Tatsumi, interviewed onstage by Adrian Tomine.

Evan says they discussed Tatsumi's career in manga (including his relationship with Tezuka), and tons of other amazing stuff about manga and Japanese post-war industialization in the early '70s. Here are some nice shots from the panel:

Adrian Tomine, Yoshihiro Tatsumi, and their interpreter

Blue-collar everyman Tatsumi with the panel interpreter

Evan got a copy of The Push Man autographed by Tatsumi, and landed me the newest book, 'Abandon The Old in Tokyo,' at the booth... AUTOGRAPHED! (best present ever?). I had read an advanced preview of this at Book Expo America in May (THANKS PEGGY at Drawn & Quarterly!) but seeing the finished hardcover book, with Tatsumi's signature made me SO HAPPY. It's really, really incredible stuff and we both highly recommend you check it out:

Can't wait for the next Tatsumi volumes in this ongoing series!

UPDATE: Check out the great details and pics from D&Q's blog!

Tatsumi with Drawn & Quarterly lanterns

Tatsumi signing at Comic-Con

Tomine & Tatsumi


Anonymous said...

I have the same volume without the autograph, and bought it before I knew who he was. The stories are just that incredible.
What were some of the more interesting questions asked?

camila said...

I wish I could have been there, but I live on the East Coast! I'd also like to know more details, like what some of the more interesting questions were.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's cool as hell. I can't wait for 'Abandon the Old in Tokyo'. Is there a recording or transcript of the interview floating around anywhere?

ryan & evan said...

ALL: Looking for an MP3 or video of this talk right now... Evan, can you post a quick summary of stuff you remember from the talk? That would be great if you can add any specific bits you might remember !

gabriel renner said...

Gosto muito de Animes e mangás, aqui no Brasil tem alguns títulos. Tezuka é muito talentoso. Visite meu site de comics e humor

Joey Coco said...

I finally picked up a copy of Push Man the other day and love it.

"Traffic Accident" is particular depressing.

ryan & evan said...

Gabriel: Thanks for the link! Cool site :)

Joey: Thanks dude- yeah, it's already in my top ten comics ever. Man, wait 'til you read the second book-- it's even more harrowing and devastating (and great).


Joey Coco said...

Your translation (and original) work here has inspired this mock-retro "Japanese" comic I made last night (the layout of the post in itself is very Same Hat).

ryan & evan said...

Joey: DUDE! Awesome :) I feel flattered, indirectly! I'm passing this link around to some friends--- nice work!

Joey Coco said...

Haha, thanks! I thought you'd dig it.

Sean Michael Wilson said...

Great to see these Ryan, arigato. I like Adrian Tomine's work too. For those who have not seen it yet Japanese AX issue 36 features an article about when Tomine met Tatsumi, in Tokyo i think. Hmmm, I wonder if we could include a translation of this in the English AX book... i'll speak to Asakawa about it!