Friday, July 21, 2006


"A lot of perverts and assorted social deviants come to our site."
- Evan

Ryan here. Evan is heading down to San Diego today (lucky!) with our buddies Derek, Anthony and Jen for some HOT COMIC-CON ACTION. He's on a mission to meet these two dudes (we'll post the pics):

...along with just hanging out and enjoying the spectacle [fanboy on fangirl, fanboy on fanboy]! We are working on new stuff, and should have some strips up in the next week or so. In the meantime, we wanted to share some of the keywords people are using to get to this site.

In addition to expected terms, like "yoshida sensha, shintaro kago, octopus girl, junji ito, suehiro maruo scans, kazuo umezus(?), koji aihara, same hat", we saw a, PATTERN with these keywords. Here are some we noticed over the past 6 months:

check out my butt
scissor erotic
rusty scissors
we the fans scanlations
death note manga
samehat.blogspot incest
left handed scissor jokes
pornstar in hostel
hellen swimsuit
evan show artbook
woman nursing a chimp
reon leon kadena
erotic scanlation
scissors hand movie
(horror movie) idol hand
panty drawings
hostel blowtorch to the eye
derek hung comics
dolls ball jointed erotic
drifting classroom scanlations
saaya irie nudity
saaya irie's email
saaya big milk
erotic scanlation
vacuum horror
reon kadena official
how to do horror make up
farting grandpa
insane scanlations
Shintaro Kago brains
octopus up girl ass clip

New content coming soon!! Seriously!


Anonymous said...

hey DAWG it's BR I still read your blog. I watched Tale Of Two Sisters a while ago and I didn't like it that much cause I thought the story kind of dragged out, but in the film's defense I got a version that had terrible subtitles so maybe that was why. I was wondering if there's any awesome Japanese horror comic book that I could find in the US (maybe like a compilation)? I'd love to get my hands on something like that. ALSO, post more comics.

Anonymous said...

aw man I fuckin LOVE tale of two sisters


Ryan said...

hellen swimsuit!!!!

I really enjoyed tale of 2 sistahs, cuz the sets and shots were so pretty. but i did feel like it suffered from long-ass too many false endings synrdrome. but DUDE, that shot UNDER the kitchen sink.. wtf grossss.

awesome Japanese horror comic book? I'm not sure on a specific compilation that's just HORROR, but if you want some good stuff I'd recommend Comics Underground Japan.
it has Umezu, Maruo and Hino in the same book.

But, even easier to get at book stores now is either Uzumaki or Gyo by Junji Ito. Those are pretty awesome to start with :)


Anonymous said...

check out MY butt