Wednesday, August 09, 2006

For Ben! (Midori clip from YouTube)

We found this clip online, via our friends at El Blog Rarito... A trailer for the anime adaptation of Suehiro Maruo's MIDORI AKA Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freak Show!

UPDATE: Evan downloaded a torrent of the anime last night! We'll post more details once it's been... digested! According to wikipedia, J.A. Seazer did the soundtrack to this?

UPDATE 2: For those interested in the torrent: follow the El Blog Rarito link, then click "Elink" - just below the YouTube clip to get it.

UPDATE 3: From Rarito, here are some samples of the soundtrack to check out.


Joseph Luster said...

Wow, money-shot at 0:25. I'll have to torrent this, looks wild.

Anonymous said...

it's out on dvd in france (with english subs)

Chris said...

Pass on the torrent link, my dear friends!

Ryan said...


on the El Blog Rarito page, click "Elink" - just below the Youtube clip - and you'll be able to get it. Enjoy!

- Evan

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the click, i love this blog ^-^

The OST is edited in france:

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing! I'm very excited for it, shame I can't seem to figure out this ed2k business.

I am not the most computer-savvy person around.

Joseph Luster said...

The link under the YouTube-hosted video wouldn't work for me at all. I tried searching for it on mininova but no dice.

Anonymous said...

I've searched the internet high AND low for the DVD, but I cannot find barely a mention of it.
I could just download it, but dammit I want to OWN it.

Here's an article on it :


fellipe said...

i love this blog, thanks for the u-tube click!

Anonymous said...

@ the other anonymous
try these
& fwiw all the p2p copies I've come across are the unsubbed vhs rip, not a dvdrip. but I could be wrong

Chris said...

To Violane:

Download eMule ( and click the link on the El Blog Rarito page listed above - it shouldd handle it automatically.

It is the VHS rip but it is still decent enough and you can easily pull subs from (which are a little off, but not bad).

Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

hi guys
yes please check our website for the Midori CD soundtrack available vwich you can order via email and more maruo and ero guro related things

Anonymous said...

Yo! Its not working Is there somewhere else I can check it out?

Anonymous said...

it's working now

also available here

le lezard noir

Anonymous said...

Arh, Schei├če! So for once I don't check this blog for two weeks, and then of course the link is down by the time I see it. -_-

Anyway, thanks for the heads up. I found out that you can order the DVD through, so I guess I'll try that.

The soundtrack sounds interesting too. I have JA Seazer's works for Shuji Terayama, but actually it sounds a bit more like Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar that eerie grotesquery. ^^ Still love it though.

Anonymous said...

Actually I meant the trailer for the movie it doesnt work...

Anonymous said...