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Hold on to your butts. This is the post you're gonna want to bookmark and send to all your friends!

I just realized that last month Same Hat had its two year anniversary. It's crazy to think that so much time has passed since Evan and I first came up with the idea to translate a few Yoshida Sensha gag comics I had lying around, strips dating back to my high school study abroad in Japan.

This is a good chance to help newer readers get a flavor for all the crazy shit hidden in the depths of our semi-inaccessible Archives. So we're taking it back to the original manifesto for this site: SCANLATIONS. So yeah, we've made improvements to the blog itself, and now have post tags that can help you find specific topics (say, our original comics or mentions of Tezuka).

That said, until we get up and running (oh SHIT, did I let that slip?) it's still a huge pain the ass to try to track down the 50 or so scanlations we've done. To that goal, here is a complete list of all the strips and stories we've scanlated in the past two years-- ENJOY!
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'*' indicates a comic is probably NSFW.
Suehiro Maruo

Farewell Showa - 4 pages
Totally Scary - 3 pages*
The Gold Notbook - 8 pages*
Poison Strawberry part 1 - 10 pages*
Poison Strawberry part 2 - 10 pages*
Poison Strawberry part 3 - 10 pages*

Junji Ito

Falling part 1 - 16 pages
Falling part 2 - 16 pages

Yoshida Sensha

4 Panel
These are not official titles, but simply how we've referred to Sensha's gag strips
Same Hat! Same Hat!
The Men's Room 2
Wrong Number
Mussed Face
Doggy Daily News
The Men's Room
Welcome Back Kazuko!
Daddy's Little Helper
Backwash Falls
Detective Use Only
Poor Doggy part 1
Poor Doggy part 2
Poor Doggy part 3
Poor Doggy part 4
Close Shave
Doa ga Shimarimasu
The Small Assasin
Street Signs
Don't Turn Around
Ultra Boy Attack
The King of Discomfort
Your Mother Should Know part 1
Your Mother Should Know part 2
Your Mother Should Know part 3
Your Mother Should Know part 4

16 Panel
Honey #3

Koji Aihara

A Touch*
A Relaxing Bath*
Jupiter Probe Expedition

We'll be adding a new 18 page story by Yoshida Sensha called The Young Bandit to this list in the next week or so.


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