Thursday, June 01, 2006


This thing has been a LONG time in the works.We went over and over the translation, editing, touch-up and lettering, and I hope it shows. (Evan did an AWESOME job on getting the fonts, formatting and touch-up just right).

We are very proud to finally get some Junji Ito representation on Same Hat. If you weren't aware, Ito is one of our absolute favorite horror manga writer/artists, and we want to add to the growing stack of his comics available in English!

Please pass this link on to your cool friends, and leave feedback in the comments!! (Also, a special THANKS to Nate for helping with some of the gnarly translation points, and Alice for editing and transcribing my illegible, handwritten notes!)

PLEASE ENJOY!! (part 1 of 2)
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

aww man..
total cliff-hanger.

hurry hurry!

o, and sweet job.

Anonymous said...


What is falling down!?

I need to know!

NOW, dammit!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for part 2 :DD

Anonymous said...

Junji Ito, yay!
Thank you for all your hard work on this. It's really appreciated!

Anonymous said...

<3 junji ito <3

thanks guys!

Anonymous said...


been waiting for this ever since you guys mentioned it!

adrienne said...

Wow!!!! Scary!! Who is falling down??? What is? How exciting. Great job, guys!!!

Anonymous said...

ooo! can't wait to read the rest..

Ryan said...


bryan: haha, nice stopping point, huh? Finishing part 2 in the next few days- thanks for the support, as always :)

ben: oh man, some serious stuff is about to go down (literally, figuratively too)

dian: soon, very soon!!

camila: thanks, we're really happy to be able to make it available :)

adrienne: Awesome to hear from you! sorry i've been out of touch, but you'll hear from me soon!! (keeping myself busy here :)

beth: thanks!

anonymous folks: happy to deliver! hope everyone enjoys part 2 as well :)

ryan (& evan)!

The Comic Book Haters said...

Wow! I'm glad I stumbled (literally; I was drunk) onto this site. Junji Ito rules! Keep 'em coming! Any creepy-ass fish monsters in this one?

-DJ Sloofus of the World Famous Comic Book Haters podcast

Anonymous said...

Yay! More! Now!

Aeron said...

Oh yeah! I'm a huge Junji Ito fan. Bring it on! and thanks!

Ryan said...

DJ sloofus: thank you for stumbling our way! no landsharks or decaying fart smell machines in this one, but we hope you enjoy it nonetheless! Have you guy checked out this blog: What WERE They Thinking?

anthony: we WILL provide you a much-needed FINALS HELL WEEK break in the next few days!

aeron: nice! glad you found us-- part two is coming out this week :)
-ryan(& evan)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your hard work. I haven't seen this particular Ito story before. Where did you get that from?

One of the recurring theme of Junji Ito is what I call "the reluctant suicide" -- people being driven to suicide by mysterious forces. The theme is explored in unforgettable grusomeness in the story "首吊り気球 -- The Hanging Ballons" and is the central idea in shorts like "悪魔の理論 -- Demonology" and "阿弥殻断層の怪". Perhaps Ito is making a social commentary in suicide-obsessed Japan: that many people commit suicide. paradoxically, against their will.

Ryan said...

thanks for the comment, Misanthrope--- yes, yes-- very keen observation on that thread of Junji Ito's comics. it's interesting to see it popping up in many stories, along with murder committed not so much with one's own volition, but compelled by circumstances... he has an interesting take on people's capacity for violence (and self-violence) along with it's causes .

ps for everyone else--- FALLING part 2 is NOW ONLINE!

Melissa said...

i love it!!!

Anonymous said...

does u guyz zip these story?
mayb i can download it somewhere..x)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment :) We haven't rar'd or zip'd any of our stories yet. we're trying to play nice when it comes to the unlicensed stuff we've scanlated, but if you rar it for yourself or friends, that's chill with us :)

wheee! ryan
(ryan & evan)

Anonymous said...

well...i rented this book before..junji ito's brain is full of imagination...i never thought that something really happened like that..

Ibi le Zombie said...

Hello, I'm a french fan of Ito's works, and here in France, it's only a few years since we can enjoy a translation of his great stories.

I was wondering if you would allow me to use your scanslation of Falling in order to make a french scanlation for my weblog (, so that I could introduce Ito's stories to frenche newbies.

I would of course put a link to your site on each page that uses your work.

Please let me know, and keep it up !

Anonymous said...

404 not found. any1 else have this problem?

Anonymous said...

I can't access the link either -"-

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acidosaur said...

anons, you can find it here instead: