Thursday, June 29, 2006

Taiyo Matsumoto's BLACK & WHITE... anime?

Exciting news for fans of Taiyo Matsumoto (also of Blue Spring and No.5 fame)-- an anime of Black & White is coming out at the end of this year, put together by STUDIO4℃. The Japanese title is "Tekkon Kinkurito". Check out the official site for more information/stills/news. He's not in the horror or gag vein that we've been posting about here, but we are HUGE fans of Matsumoto's art and stories.

Check out the trailer:

It seems like they're doing a really great job with the character design (though White looks more faithful than how I picture Black). Hope they can maintain Matsumoto's style and atmosphere with CG... looks really promising!

Stills from the official site:

Via Twitch Film

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Ryan said...

Same here! The release date on this trailer is December 23--- TOO FAR AWAY! luckily, bootleg dvds and torrents will come out soon after :)