Thursday, June 22, 2006


man...what the hell?

Guess what supposedly came out yesterday?
and guess what NONE of the comic shops near me had in stock??

OCTOPUS GIRL 2!! I've been dying to read this since a few months ago, when Evan lent me the first book. It's an insane, satirical, beautiful take on horror AND gag manga that manages to pull off hilarious panels AND truly freaky/scary shit--- often right in succesion! This is definitely one of the best manga releases of 2006. (Thank you Dark Horse and new awesome editor supreme Robert Simpson!) You have noticed that Dark Horse is putting out the majority of the cool, new horror manga this summer, right? Has anyone else read Octopus Girl? What did you think??

Click here to check out (and read a short preview of) Octopus Girl Vol.1

PS: I do believe a certain ex-Viz editor, comic writer/illustrator has my copy of Octopus Girl Vol. 1 in his possession, aHEM :)

EDIT: Still no sign of Octopus Girl 2... But here is a pic from the upcoming Octopus Girl 3 this fall!


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, man. I was also out on the 21st searching every comic shop and bookstore I could think of in S.F., after having another Hino fanboy recommend me the first volume. I'd love to find out when and where I can get my hands on the next one, I'd try Comic Relief in Berkeley if I wasn't too busy to hop on BART. =(

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I'm glad someone else is upset by this... I love the first issue and am dying to read the second. Your blog rulez by the way

Anonymous said...

By the way did a anyone see an episode of spongebob squarepants called "ghost host"? I designed a lot of monsters and weird things for it. Alot of it was inspired by japanese horror.

Anonymous said...

I've had my copy for a few weeks, folks. Better still it's even better than Vol. 1! It's out there!

Anonymous said...

any comic store that deals with Diamond Comics (distributor) will get a list of titles that are pushed back or canceled. Be sure to ask the retailer to check their list. It is on the order for Sept.

Ryan S said...

hey anonymous. this post was from a year ago...

i got octopus girl way back in june 06, and octopus girl 3 since then too.