Friday, March 23, 2007

Kiiiiiii Party!

Taking a quick break from manga news & scanlations, here are some clips from a rad show I saw on Wednesday. The event featured openers Dreamdate and Scrabbel, and was headlined by art-noise duo Kiiiiii! from Tokyo. This fantastic show was part of the SF Asian American Film Festival.

Flyer by Hellen

Check out these pictures and videos!
Not content with simply creating an awesome flyer, our buddy Hellen rocked the cello with her band Scrabbel:

I had been hearing about Kiiiiiii for a while from Tokyo-area friends like Yasuko (her kiiiiiiii show pics here and here), and knew they were infamous for wild, conceptual shows (Think a capella OOIOO meets Chicks on Speed-- they do covers of Michael Jackson and the Wiggles!), and we were not disappointed. Also keep in mind that lead singer Utako is performing on a seriously sprained ankle, injured jumping off a tall stage at SXSW.

Shouting and call & response is a good way to start:

Seriously, it's just drums + singing, no other instruments:

Dude, Reiko is a fierce drummer!

Utako rocking the maracas, Reiko rocking the gator hand puppet:

Sorry that I couldn't keep the camera steady:

Kiiiiii's show-ending rendition of We're the Bad ('We Are The World' mashed up with MJ's 'Bad'):

My pre-emptive apologies for the video overload. We'll be back to your regularly scheduled horror and gag manga news soon.

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