Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Suehiro Maruo TATTOO Sighting

To date, this is the only the second horror manga tattoo we've ever seen (remember the Kazuo Umezu tattoo from last year?). But, this might be the most radical personal tribute to Guro/Horror manga in existence (hyperbole? we think not). Evan's friend Beth -- a Japanese horror & Suehiro Maruo fangirl hailing from Sacramento -- had previously posted some in-progress pics of her full back tattoo on her LJ.

During our recent NYC trip, we opened up a copy of Japanese tattoo magazine TATTOO BURST to find... a picture of Beth modeling her completed tattoo: Midori (the Camellia Girl) from Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freak Show! All we can say is: WOW!!




N.F. said...

I can't believe there is another girl in Sacramento who knows who Suehiro Maruo is. And enjoys his work enough to get it tattooed on them. Lovely, lovely job, by the way. I'm absolutely envious.

Anonymous said...

That girl is most definitely my hero. That's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet.

Question: How do you actually pronounce Suehiro Maruo ?


Ryan said...

nastassya: TWO maruo fangirls in Sacramento?? i am impressed :)

violaine: she is my hero too! what a gutsy tattoo, huh?

ADAM: a very good question, actually. It's 4 syllables for the first name, 3 syllables for the surname:
SUEHIRO = sue-eh-hee-row
MARUO = MA-rue-O

sounds good? -ryan

Anonymous said...

That's a kick-ass tattoo, and looks even better on such a nice body!

Claytonian said...

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b said...

wow! this is great! I intend to do a suehiro maruo tattoo also. :)