Monday, June 18, 2007


Quick update for peeps on the booklet list-- I've heard from 12 of you so far, and have already mailed out booklets to such exotic locales as Australia, Canada, New York, Texas, Georgia, and Utah. I'm still waiting to hear from the following folks, so please send me your contact information soon:

Chris Mautner, Jack, Erin, Yoshi, John Thomas, Ian Smith, Flemming

Looking forward to getting this out; I will post about extras once I hear from everyone on the first list.


Anonymous said...

i'd love a booklet.

Anonymous said...

i was gone for a few days, and missed the original call for booklet requests!
i hope i can still nab one.

C.M.B. said...

Got mine in yesterday, complete with USPS mangling and water damage!

Looks great, I treasure it.