Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I'm still trying to polish off my BEA recap, which (I believe) includes some spicy details about upcoming titles that I haven't seen reported on other blogs. Until then, Evan and I thought we'd announce our very first MINI-CONTEST BOOK GIVEAWAY THINGY!!


Shopping before my trip, I came across a copy of Junji Ito's Flesh-Colored Horror collection. This is a very good condition copy of this way out of print book, which was originally released by the now-defunct ComicsOne. It includes a bunch of awesome stories (all of which would have eventually become part of the Museum of Terror series), like one of my personal favorite Ito stories, "Dying Young".

So yeah, it's not the hardest thing in the world to find, but copies range online from $25 - $50, depending on the condition of the book. I'm guessing this one is worth about 35 bucks :) Don't you think you should have it in your manga collection?

The contest is dorky but simple, and the plan is to NOT make entering too time consuming. So, here it is:
Whoever creates and sends us the best original 4-panel gag strip wins the book.

Send us a link to your strip or the file as an attachment to the deadline is by end-of-day next Friday, June 15. Drawing prowess is encouraged but not at all required... and we're seriously not asking anybody to spend more than half an hour on the whole affair. We'll post the winning strip on Same Hat and ship the book out that weekend!



C.M.B. said...

I'll get to work!

Anonymous said...

can we submit more than one strip?

Ryan said...

Clint: AWESOME! Can't wait to see it :)

anonymous: Yeah, feel free to do it however you want. I just don't want anyone to spend like 16 hours doing strips and then not get the book :)

that said, if we get enough strips, we'll post them all up on the blog the week after next!

Brendan said...

Awesome idea! I shall give it a shot :)

Anonymous said...

"Drawing prowess is encouraged but not at all required."

Sweet! My stick figures will make you weep.

Ryan said...

@brendan: GREAT! can't wait to see it. I think we'll have a mini-present for everyone that enters :)



Anonymous said...

totally want to do this but to be honest, it'll take me like a month to do cuz i'm an easily distracted lazy ass. maybe i'll have inspiration today. doubt it though. :(