Wednesday, June 20, 2007


First, many, many thanks to all entrants for your gag comics! We got a huge kick out of reading each one, and are working on a thank you gift for your guys (we'll email you soon with details). But, like Highlander and America's Next Top Model, there can be only one!

And the winner is... Sophia! Huge congrats to her for creating the winning 4-panel gag strip! We received 12 excellent entries, and found Sophia's strip to be the funniest and to best capture the spirit of yonkoma manga (and it's beautifully drawn too!).

Click this panel to read the full-sized version.

Sophia wins our love and admiration and, most importantly, her own copy of the very out-of-print Junji Ito horror collection, Flesh-Colored Horror. We are mailing your prize out to you today!

The runner-up for the contest came from Griffin, for this awesome strip:

Click this panel to read the full-sized version.

While we only had one copy of the Ito book to send out, we're mailing Griffin a copy of our scanlation booklet, The World of Same Hat! as his runner-up prize.

Thanks again to everyone for entering. I've already found a few more rare books that might become prizes in the future; YEP, we're definitely planning on holding another contest again soon!


C.M.B. said...

wow, sofia's is really nice looking. i'd be interested in seeing all the entries.

Joseph Luster said...

Same here. That is some terrific artwork.

Brendan said...

Congrats Sophia and Griffin! Awesome work :D

Any chance you guys are gonna post the rest up? I'm keen to see the rest too :)

Ryan said...

Hey guys :) Glad you liked them! Sophia and Griffin are the only ones that gave express permission to display their strips on the blog... I'll send a quick email to everyone that entered asking if they mind me posting theirs and update this entry when I get replies :)


Andre_the_Giant said...

You have my permission!