Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Striking covers for Kazuo Umezu's MUMMY TEACHER

My apologies again for the lack of posts over the past three weeks. I've been bogged down with work, a visit from my mom and our two ongoing projects. Evan and I have been working at least a few nights each week on our Secret Translation Project® and on finalizing layout for the first issue of our zine, Electric Ant.

I can't talk about the Secret Translation Project® for a few months, but I will post details on Electric Ant #1 very soon. Hopefully the folks that read this blog will be excited about the long list of crazy (as in, CRAZY AWESOME) articles, comics and contributors we've put together (Do you like Derek Kirk Kim? Julia Wertz of Fart Party fame? Aaron K?). More details soon!

In the meantime, I noticed on Umezu's site that Shogakukan Creative has released lovely editions of Umezu's old series MUMMY TEACHER (aka ミイラ先生, and the second volume, 続ミイラ先生). If I read right, this manga was originally released in 1967 by Sato Professional, and made available via manga rental shops. It was serialized in a number of other venues, including a popular run in the previously famous manga magazine 少女フレンド.

I'm gonna keep an eye out for these at Kinokuniya, but mostly wanted to post and share the beautiful covers:


Anonymous said...

That is awesome - I actually used to have a professor named Meera Viswanathan, and EVERYONE called her "Miira-sensei". Of course, everyone knew that "miira" was mummy, but it's weird that there's a manga by that name.

Also, my picture is nearly done - I hope I'm not too late to get in (grimaces).

Ryan S said...

That is a really awkward and funny coincidence. I love when names in English go horribly wrong when katakana-ized. I know someone named Meena who's name in japanese became.. (you guessed it) Mina-san. It was like a perpetual Who's On First? routine.

Oh dude--- you're not too late yet! We've set a deadline for ourselves with the printer (in China) and working our butts off on layout ideas (and learning InDesign tricks--- source of major frustration right now!), so sooner is definitely better. We've got 13/17 turned in, and can't wait to add yours to the mix!


Anonymous said...

*phew* - I didn't wanna miss out. barring any more breakdowns, I'm hoping for this weekend.

in a "funny katakana-sized names" story, I was always tired of telling people my name was "deibiddo" so I started going by "debu", which of course is like "fatass". It was always a good icebreaker to be like "hajimemashite, deibiddo to moushimasu kedo, debu to yondemo ii". one time a guy laughed and said "ah! debu ja nakute, surendaa da!".

Hatterasman said...

Does anyone know if Mummy Teacher by Kazuo Umezu is available anywhere in English?