Friday, October 12, 2007

still alive

DISPATCH FROM MY HOTEL LOBBY IN FRANKFURT: No time for a real post yet (and I left my camera cable at home), but here is a quick summary (in unsorted, oblique keyword format!)

diabolik, snot rockets, euro>dollar, glenat>us manga licening, maiwai by minetaro mochizuki, scott mccloud, draw like judith workshops, missing bags, reprodukt, carlsen manga, manga shakespeare, sascha hommer, orang>mome, sore feet, nana 14 in german, shogakukan, catalonia pride, german hotel lounge muzak, hotel lobby wifi, low battery!!!

PICTURES AND NEWS SOON. I'm off to a release party at the Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt. How's everything with you?


Victor Mattina said...

fine, thanks.
:) we're all wainting.

Anonymous said...

You're alive? That's good!

I'm fine too! :)

See ya on sunday! \m/

Andre_the_Giant said...

Could you ask the Reproduct guys about their plans regarding the planned Maruo releases?
Thanks, have fun!

sh said...

back in hamburg, frankfurt was wonderful, but too stressy. It was nice to meet you Ryan, see you next time, or maybe somewhere else... the way @andre_the _giant, I think Maruo releases are a problem of money for Reprodukt. The book they already published is not selling well, the german audience seems to be too stupid for this.
greetings, sascha

bittermelon said...

omg, i'm so jealous.

are you eating enough for two (for you, for me)?

we all miss you and can't wait for you to get back. and when you do, we'll all be too busy to care.