Friday, December 28, 2007

Tatiana the tiger, RIP

As anyone with a TV or internet connection has heard, a Siberian tiger named Tatiana was shot and killed on Christmas Day after she escaped from her enclosure at the San Francisco Zoo and mauled three teenagers, killing one.

This is off topic for Same Hat, but I felt like posting a Tatiana memorial after getting back to SF and reading more of the depressing details about this mess.

Last December, Evan took some pictures of Tatiana at the SF Zoo to use in a new piece-- coincidentally just 4 days before she mauled one of her keepers! (That attack was determined to be due to negligence on the part of the zoo, and they were fined.)

Here is Evan's fantastic photo-illustration that came out of those pics from last December:

Click here for details, and here for more of Evan's art.


Anonymous said...

Now the world knows the truth; Tatiana was taunted and tortured by those lying, disrespectful, sub-human losers. Tatiana should have taken out all 3 of those a-holes. Supposed someone was invading their turf or home or romping on their lame BMW--don't think for a minute that they wouldn't fight back. RIP Tatiana!

Zero said...

No, the world does not know 'the truth'. There is not proof of them doing anything resembling 'torture'.