Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Does anyone have Issue #26 of YOUR FLESH MAGAZINE? It's out of print but I'm looking to track down and buy a copy, featuring what I think is Suehiro Maruo's first appearance in English-speaking print media. [UPDATE] So, I should have double-checked that claim. I looked at Schodt's Dreamland Japan and realized that Maruo's first comic to appear in English was actually "Michael Jackson Bad" in The New Comics Anthology (1991) edited by Bob Callahan. It's three pages and really dumb. This magazine seems to contain the first English interview with Maruo, an article by John-Ivan Palmer titled "Blood of the Paper Psycho: Suehiro Maruo and the Sado-Erotic Manga."

Published 1992

(Bigger version here)

Cover by Frank Kozik
Caspar Brotzmann, Dan Corrigan, Wendy Carlos, GOP Convention, House of Pain, House of Large Sizes, David Kilgour, Frank Kozik Pt. 2, Gary Lucas, Suehiro Maruo, Ramones Pt. 1, John Sinclair, Azalia Snail, Supersuckers, Tankhog, Trash Can School, Upsidedown Cross, Young Gods

Let me know if you have a copy or know somewhere that's selling it!

[UPDATE 2]: I've heard from a current contributor to YOUR FLESH that is getting in touch with the publisher about digging up a copy of #26 for me. Apparently #26 is very hard to find, so it might be a bit pricy. I'll still fork out the cash, as a Maruo nerd completist, but I'm gonna ask directly if we can get permission to post scans of the Maruo interview. I'll keep you guys posted :)


Anonymous said...

That would be really great to see. I wonder what story it would be? I'm surprised some of his first translated work would have come out so late...or maybe I shouldn't be :)

edgertor said...

shoot, i used to have this issue, i was a contributor during this era of YF. but i don't think i have it any more. damn

Anonymous said...

Yes I do. Still want it?

Ryan S said...

Yep! Can you email me at: samehat AT gmail DOT com?